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Hazell & Collins Associates



Hazell & Collins Associates, is an inspired team of leadership and career strategists. We empower people, teams, and businesses to realize their potential, engage in meaningful transformation, and achieve outcomes that matter. We bring together our deep expertise and passion for leadership development, career management and career transition to deliver intimately bespoke and client-centric engagements.  We deliver strategic, scalable solutions.

Hazell & Collins Associates (HCA) has delivered high-quality and relationship-driven services to a growing portfolio of blue-chip, innovative and fast-growing clients. HCA is sought-after as an outcomes focused strategic partner known for its innovative and bespoke approach to leadership and career strategy. HCA empowers their clients to inspire others to take positive action towards a compelling future vision.

Established in 1979, Hazell & Collins Associates has been privileged to build strategic partnerships with thousands of organizations of all sizes, across every industry and sector. We have successfully engaged and guided leaders at every stage of the career lifecycle – through transformative leadership development initiatives and strategic career management, transition and retirement programs.


HCA provides clients with an exceptional and experienced team of dedicated leadership and career coaches. We are very proud of our team, which is comprised of a rich mix of individuals with diverse career and cultural backgrounds.

Our Leadership & Career coaches are not only hired for their training and certification attained through recognized institutions, but also for their broad life experience. Our coaches have previously held leadership roles across many industries, and bring that knowledge and understanding to each engagement. Beyond coaching, many of our team are trained consultants, facilitators, trainers and are certified in multiple leadership and career assessments.