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The Robots are Coming: How AI Will Change Work

Event Date: Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017
Event Time: 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM
Venue(s): The Albany Club or webcast to your home/office
Presenter(s): Dr. Cindy Gordon, Author & CEO, SalesChoice
Apple, MobileFirst for iOS Apps
Puvi Sinnathamby, Canadian Mobile Leader at IBM Interactive Experience
Agenda: 7:30 - 8:00 AM: Registration/Networking
8:00 - 11:00 AM: presentations, case study & panel
Simultaneous webcast from 8:00 - 9:00 AM only
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WEBCAST ONLY: This event is now sold-out for on-site live attendance at the Albany Club.  We are accepting webcast only registrations at this point.


For centuries people have worried about technology disrupting work.  On the cusp of what the World Economic Forum calls the Fourth Industrial Revolution as digital, mobile and artificial intelligence technologies evolve at a dizzying pace, fear that humans will be replaced is increasing.

But, are our fears warranted?  Even as robots learn an increasing number of tasks, demand for talent is outpacing supply in many areas.  Jobs that exist today will be transformed, while jobs that don’t yet exist will occupy the next generation of workers. 

Join us to learn how technologies we already use in our everyday lives are changing the way we work.  We’ll see what’s in store for the delivery of HR services.  At the same time, we’ll explore how HR needs to reinvent itself to support organizations and workforces as we adapt to the future of work. 

In this session we will look at:

  • The impact of new technologies on people and organizations
  • Explore how Apple & IBM are redefining work using digital, mobile and AI technologies
  • Understand what it all means for the HR function and HR practitioners

WEBCAST NOTICE: Simultaneous webcast from 8:00 - 9:00 AM only



Cindy Gordon, SalesChoice

Cindy Gordon is the CEO and Founder of SalesChoice, a leading AI B2B sales cognitive sciences company, specializing in increasing the productivity of sales professionals using augmented intelligence methods. She is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and author.  An expert in business innovation, early-stage software commercialization, enterprise B2B sales practices and software as a service (SaaS). 

A prolific writer and author, Cindy is currently working on her fifteenth book, The AI SPLIT, with a focus on artificial intelligence due to be published next year. Cindy is a 2017 recipient of the CATA & E&Y Sara Kirke Award for Outstanding Leadership as a CEO.  She is also a 2012 recipient of the Governor’s General Award for Innovation. As the founder and National Chair of Women in Technology (CANWIT), Cindy is passionately committed to advancing women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).  Cindy is a former Partner of Accenture, Senior Director and GM, Xerox, VP Citibank and a former VC partner from XDLI.

CASE STUDY: Reinventing Work with Transformational Tools: Apple and IBM MobileFirst for iOS

The way we live has been undeniably transformed by mobile technology. Now, it's time to transform the way we work. Together, Apple and IBM are redefining the mobile enterprise by delivering a new generation of apps that connect users to big data, analytics and Watson-powered cognitive capabilities right on their iOS devices - changing the way people work in empowering ways.

In this discussion we will share real-world examples and case studies of how organizations have transformed the way their people work, why they made these changes, and what they have accomplished by doing so.

Puvi Sinnathamby, IBM Interactive Experience

Bio posted shortly.


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