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Why do so many leaders forget they’re human? Explore The Mind of the Leader

Event Date: Wednesday, Jul 11, 2018
Event Time: 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM
Venue(s): The National Club (Live)
Webcast to Your Home/Office

Presenter(s): Vince Brewerton
Agenda: 7:30 - 8:00 AM: Registration/Networking
8:00 - 9:30 AM: Session
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Leaders often forget they’re human beings, and that their employees are also human.

Leadership today is not about having all the answers and making all the decisions. It is about being present, and forming personal and meaningful bonds with the people we lead. In the “future of work”, human leadership puts people before numbers. So, how do we become human leaders again?

Potential Project’s new book explores The Mind of the Leader and identifies three key qualities of human leadership. Based on assessments of 35,000 leaders, interviews with more than 250 C-suite executives, and the latest neuroscience, they unveil the mental qualities that are foundational for leaders today.

At this presentation, co-author of the book, Vince Brewerton willl:

  • Highlight and discuss findings from The Mind of the Leader.
  • Share stories from executives of top global organizations such as Accenture, Microsoft, Google, Marriott and Cisco, and scientific research to show how leaders can cultivate these 3 key qualities.
  • Lead you through a mindfulness training session (the first leadership quality) to enable you to take your first step in developing truly human leadership.
  • Provide some practical strategies that you can implement immediately.


Vince Brewerton is a recipient of the Rotman Award of Teaching Excellence for his teaching in the MBA program at the Rotman School of Management. He is a seasoned facilitator, consultant and speaker with Potential Project - a global leadership training, organizational development and research firm. Its mission is to help leaders and organizations enhance performance, innovation and resilience through mindfulness and other practices grounded in neuroscience and research.

Prior to joining Potential Project, Vince spent 25 years as a management consultant, eventually leading a large consulting practice and expanding it internationally. He was Executive Director of the Centre for Spirituality and the Workplace at Saint Mary’s University where he engaged leaders in explorations about developing people-centered cultures.

Vince has over 20 years of mindfulness experience and has spoken about training the mind at more than 60 sessions over the past two years. He is a member of The Mind of the Leader author team and his Potential Project clients include: Accenture, Bell Canada, PwC, Grant Thornton, Electronic Arts, and RBC.


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