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January 6, 2016

HR predictions for 2016 from an HR director

HR predictions for 2016

As we get back to the routine, it seems an appropriate time to think about the future and, more specifically, the future of work. I have some predictions for 2016.

I believe that something remarkable is happening in the workplace making it a fascinating time to work in HR. I believe the Future of Work represents a completely different construct around how work is organized and as HR professionals we have a unique opportunity to influence its success.

However, I think many of us arenít prepared to deal with the Future of Work and, worse still, some of us arenít aware of these changes or interested in playing a role putting†at risk the sustainability of our respective organizations and, in many ways, our much loved profession.

So, as we start a New Year, there are three specific trends in the workplace that will accelerate in 2016.

  • The shape and size of the workforce is changing. Itís changing beyond anything we have known before. The impact of changing demographics with multiple generations in work, the internationalization of the workforce and the increase in the number of contingent workers, are all trends that will shift to another stratosphere in 2016 and beyond.
  • The expectations of people at work are changing as a result of a new mindset. People are looking for more from work and we need to make sure we keep up. They want greater purpose, flexibility and progression Ė and this is being led by the much maligned millennial generation. I think 2016 will be their year to shine.
  • Through the growth of the sharing economy in 2016, there will be a continued move from ďme to we.Ē This business ecosystem provides value and benefit to the communities they operate in and these new disruptive ways of working demand different behaviours in the workplace Ė greater collaboration, more human connection, transparency, disruption and innovation.

To respond to these trends, I predict the following changes that we can lead as HR professionals.

1. Build the right culture

An organization where people are valued as being their best selves will be an authentic organization, as defined by Goffee & Jones. This involves taking diversity and inclusivity to another level. Itís not just about having differences and respecting differences. Itís about leveraging these differences.

2. Build the right leaders

Leading people in this new, complex and diverse world is hard. Leaders need to be behavioural scientists to deal with the complexity of managing these diverse teams so itís vital that they are equipped with the tools and prepared to succeed.

3. Build a personalized employee experience

People want individualism, just like their unique coffee orders. They will want to choose their work, their title, where they work, how they are rewarded, their hours, and as HR professionals we need to be ready for that change having spent so long striving for consistency.

As we enter another year there is a lot for us to think about. I canít guarantee my predictions will come true, but I am confident that the world of work is changing and as HR professionals, 2016 is our year to lead. Are you ready?

What will challenge you in 2016?
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About the Author

Photo of Mark EdgarMark Edgar joined RSA in January 2011 in the role of Vice President, Human Resources with overall responsibility for HR across all companies within RSA Canada. Previously Mark was based in the UK as Head of Human Resources within Centrica Plc; a major energy company operating in the UK under the British Gas brand. Mark has also worked for BSkyB, a TV, broadband and phone company, in an HR role responsible for their operational business units and customer facing teams. Mark holds a BSc (Hons) in Management Sciences from the University of Warwick and is a member of The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

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