Professional Peer Forum (PPF)

Take Your Independent Consulting to the Next Level!

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The Forum is designed for independent consultants who own their own consultancy or independent consultants who are members of small (generally under 10-12 member) consultancy firms.

Who are we?

The Professional Peer Forum is for senior level HR professionals to share new learnings, insights, business development ideas, industry trends, successes to celebrate, difficulties members may be struggling with, and find ways to partner with each other in support of their clients. 

How many are we?

Our forum consists of 12-20 members

How you can qualify?

If you’re an Independent Consultant in HR, are already, or willing to become, SCNetwork members, you’re ready to apply.

What is the structure of the Professional Peer Forum?

A Forum Facilitator provides general oversight to the effective operation of the Professional Peer Forum. They ensure the overall health and vitality of the Forum, as well as rotation of the Meeting Chair role so that all members share this responsibility. The also meet prospective members to assess initial fit before introducing them to meet 1-2 members and address behavioral matters, when necessary.  The Facilitator brings recommendations for structure or processes for formatting meetings and meeting agendas, confronts conflict when any, and participates in cross-Forum activities with other Forum facilitators.  Forum Facilitators report into the SCNetwork Peer Forums Chair.

The Meeting Chair is rotated each meeting so that all members have an opportunity to act in this role.  A Meeting Chair ensures the effective management of the assigned meeting by introducing the topic and topic speaker (if any), solicits discussion among Forum Members and Meeting Chair volunteers for the next couple meetings, introduces new members, and ends the meeting by asking for topics.

What is a forum member accountable for?

Members are expected to bring an “abundance mentality” to each meeting. They will actively participate in the learning and sharing during meetings, respect the proprietary intellectual capital that is shared, seek advance agreement to site the work product of others if intending to use, and acknowledge the source when this is agreed upon. 

All members will be called upon to occasionally meet with and provide recommendations on prospective members.  Members are also expected to offer ideas for future meeting topics and suggest ways in which the Forum may be improved.  Forum Members shall also be positive ambassadors for SCNetwork and recommend new general members for the association as well as prospective Forum members for this Forum and other SCNetwork Peer Forums.

  • Forum Member Job Change:  Members who cease their independent consulting businesses (via retirement, joining a large consulting firm, or commencing employment) may remain in the Forum for the duration of their current year, and up to one additional year, so long as fees continue to be paid and no conflict arises (as determined by the Forum Facilitator).

  • Confidentiality:  What is said in the room (virtual or actual physical meeting location) stays in the room, unless the owner of the disseminated information agrees it may be shared outside the Forum.

What do members pay to enroll?

To enroll, you need to be an SCNetwork member. SCNetwork Membership Fee is $225 for an annual membership (January-December)

Important Governance Note:

SCNetwork President oversees all Peer Forums, along with the Peer Forums Chair.  All SCNetwork Peer Forums operate at the invitation of SCNetwork and under any operating rules or fees that SCNetwork may establish or change from time to time.